5 Easy Green Home Goals for the New Year

5 Easy Green Home Goals for the New Year

Angie Cho
Jan 27, 2012

These green home goals are immediately gratifying and won't ask you to "exercise more." The new year is a time for growth, and whether or not resolutions are for you, it's a good time to rethink things and mix them up for the better. New Year's Day was at the first of the month. Lunar New Year just passed. And Mongolian New Year is next month! The spirit of renewal is happening everywhere. Here are five quick and easy tips to green your home this year.

1. Take a couple of hours to detox your home of chemical waste.
Improve your indoor air quality and gain more usable space by clearing out chemical clutter like unused household cleaners, old paint cans, automobile fluids and even expired pharmaceuticals. Just be sure to use your city's guidelines in disposing of it.

2. Just once this year, resist the throw-away impulse.
Do one DIY reuse project on a piece of furniture or accessory instead. A new coat of paint does wonders!

3. Spend one hour recycling all the e-waste lingering around your home.
You don't need that old fax machine or cell phone anymore. They served you well. Let them rest in peace at an e-waste recycling center. (Goodwill recycles e-waste too!)

4. Oldie but goodie: Make the switch to CFLs already!
Sure you might not like the initial cost, but you'll enjoy the lower monthly bills. They'll pay for themselves in six months and last ten times longer.

5. For one week, try turning off the heat a couple of hours before bedtime, instead of waiting just before hopping into bed.
Don't worry! The residual heat will tide you over. Plus, a gradual nightly decline in body temperature helps you sleep more soundly.

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