5 Ideas to Steal from a Gorgeous Stockholm Kitchen

I think this might be the most beautiful kitchen I've ever seen. And I look at a lot of kitchens. It's located in a new luxury apartment building in Stockholm, but if moving to Sweden isn't in the cards for you, there are still plenty of great ideas here to steal for your own kitchen renovation.

1. The combination of light gray, marble, and brass. Need I say more?

2. Look closely at the pic above. The backsplash is marble, but the countertop itself is made of stainless steel. It's the best of both worlds, really — you get the gorgeous, luxe look of marble, without nearly as much maintenance.

3. The elevated island makes the kitchen seem much more spacious. (Caveat: only do this if you're also willing to sweep underneath!)

4. Matching the exposed cabinet hinges to the faucet and other hardware is an especially nice touch.

5. This toe kick detail, where the edges of the cabinets are carried all the way to the floor, gives the cabinets a luxurious, old-world feel. Wrapping the 'feet' of the cabinets in brass where they touch the floor is a nice touch, too.

What else would you steal from this kitchen? (Besides, you know, the whole thing.) These photos (actually, they're from two different kitchens, which you may have spotted if you're particularly observant) are from the website for the building, Karlavagen 76. Check it out for even more inspiration, or if you're looking to buy a second home in Stockholm.

A big hat tip goes to Nordic Design, where I first spotted these photos. And just for kicks, here's one more shot, of a gorgeous roof deck with a view over Stockholm. You know, if you weren't jealous enough already.

(Image credits: Karlavagen 76)