5 Inspirational DIY Lighting Ideas

Ever since I discovered all the great resources for lighting projects in my area, I’ve really been into the idea of making my own fixture of some kind. Until the light bulb goes off in my head, I’ve been inspired by these inventive lighting pieces by other creatively minded handy-people.
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Hanging Clip Lamp: Inspired by the chandelier in the home of Marie and Bill Olsson Nylander, this project seems like it would be simple enough to execute using a pendant chord, some wire and a few clips of any kind. A chic way to incorporate pretty photos, drawings, or other keepsakes, if you ask me.
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The Volivik Chandelier: Created by Madrid based product design studio, enPieza, this chandelier retails for $1,200. But the same result could easily be achieved with a few shade frames, wire hooks and a whole lot of Bic ballpoint pens. It looks Baroque but you won’t go broke!
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Slinky Light: This hanging lamp is nothing but a pendant chord, a parallel reflector bulb and a slinky. How easy is that?
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Recycle Lamp Shade: A complete how-to is available at Instructables.com for this sconce made out of a book and some string. I also think this project could be altered to make a chandelier using more than one book and the frame of a drum shade.
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Hemp Pendant Lamps: These pendant lamps look so sharp and professional, it’s hard to believe they are made using only hemp string, craft glue and a bouncy ball! Visit CraftyNest.com for the complete how-to.

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