5 iPad Mount Solutions for Under $50

5 iPad Mount Solutions for Under $50

Taryn Williford
Sep 28, 2011

Want to keep your iPad at an arms reach in the kitchen? Car? At your desk? Good news! We've rounded up a handful of our favorites and sorted them by price (from $3 to $49) so you can find the best rig for your iPad-mounting needs. Don't have an iPad? No sweat. Some of these mounts work for many devices, like non-Apple tablets, cell phones and e-readers.

Spend Only $3:
Yes, it's true. You can totally get a helpful and secure iPad mount by sticking a few pieces of velro around. Check out this post for a few helpful YouTube tutorials to do it right. We'd suggest adhering the Velcro to an iPad case or sleeve instead of on the device itself.

Spend Only $19.99:
The PadTab is the older, more sophisticated cousin to the Velcro solution. Adhere one piece of the system to your device (it works with the iPad and most any other tablet or e-reader), and each of the two included mount tabs wherever you'd like to hang your tablet. Grab it from ThinkGeek.

Spend Only $24.95:

Pad Bracket
If you want to avoid adhering anything to your precious 'Pad, give the Pad Bracket a try. This plastic bracket screws in to the wall, providing the perfect perch for your iPad in landscape or portrait mode. Check out Unplggd's preview from MacWorld 2011, or buy one from the Pad Bracket site right now.

Spend Only $49.45:

Want a case and a wall mount in one? Look no further than Wallee. It's a protective case for your iPad or iPad 2 which features an "X"-shaped socket. The socket lets you hang your iPad on a small, wall-mounted plate that you mount anywhere in the house. Grab the case ($39.53 USD) and as many wall plates as you need ($9.91 USD each) from theWallee.com. Wallee also sells other socket-compatible accessories, like car headrest mounts and hand grip straps) on the site.

Spend Only $49.95:
Need to use your iPad in the kitchen? Mount this magnetic snap-in case to the fridge. It's guaranteed to keep your iPad safely mounted while you cook, clean or eat. Yes, it'll stay put even if you slam the refrigerator door shut. Grab it from ThinkGeek.com.

(Images: OSXDaily.com, ThinkGeek.com, )

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