5 Laundry Carts for Home

5 Laundry Carts for Home

Regina Yunghans
Sep 1, 2010

Could it be? Could we actually be missing the laundromat? Doubtful, but these laundry carts are sure looking appealing to us nonetheless:

1 Dandux laundry carts at Restoration Hardware, $129 - $229
2 Chrome Steel Laundry Butler at Organize-It, $100
3 Economy Laundry Cart at Material Handling Solutions, $79
4 Luxor Industrial Laundy Hamper, a big 'ol boy, at Global Industrial, $110
5 a cool cart/shelf combo from IVG Stores, $44

We also love this Steele canvas basket (above) as featured by Martha Stewart and our very own Sarah Rae in her dream bathroom.

Would you use a laundry cart in your home? Any ideas for one for something besides laundry?

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