5 Mac Repairs You Didn't Know You Could DIY

5 Mac Repairs You Didn't Know You Could DIY

Taryn Williford
Sep 22, 2011

If you want to have more money, raise your hand. Yep, that's everybody. One way to keep those bills in your wallet is to stop shelling out cash on quick repairs. Here's a few Apple-centric fixes you can totally DIY for cheap.

Don't pay a tech for something you can handle at home. If your gear is ailing from one of these condictions, clear a space from your kitchen table and get started on it yourself:

1. Replace the Front Glass of Your iPhone ...or the Back.
Two of Unplggd's contributors have done major surgery on their iPhones; Jason to replace the shattered front screen of his dropped 3GS, and Vivian to add a sleek metal back in place of the glass of her iPhone 4. Both "repairs" came out looking gorgeous and polished, and each one was easier than we could have imagined. Jason's front repair cost him $7, while Vivian's metal makeover set her back $13.

2. Replace the Screen on Your MacBook
Those iPhone screen repairs can be done on a larger scale, too. It's possible to replace a cracked laptop screen with a replacement glass bought easily over the web. We previously linked back to Wired's tutorial on getting it done. A certfied Apple replacement screen will run you $75 to $300.

3. Replace your iPhone's Battery
Wired also has a handy tutorial on replacing your iPod's innards in their How To wiki. If your iPod battery won't hold a charge, skip Apple's $66 replacement fee and DIY the repair yourself for $25 to $30.

4. Upgrade Your MacBook's Internal Hard Drive
Nervous about upgrading your laptop's hard drive by yourself? You shouldn't be. You could save big bucks doing this fix the DIY way, using this featured set of instructions from how-to site Instructables. You'll still have to shell out cash for the new (presumably larger) hard drive, but you'll save potentially hundreds on labor costs.

5. Speed Up a Slowing Mac
Mac slowing down? Don't head to a technician. Check out this easy guide on getting some more speed out of your Apple. Most of the fixes are free (upgrading memory is the lone costing solution), saving you both money and time.

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