5 (More) Ways to Use an Alcove

5 (More) Ways to Use an Alcove

Sarah Coffey
Feb 10, 2009

Following up our post last week on 5 ways to use an alcove, we've collected 5 more ideas to add to the list. One of our favorites is Christy and John's ready-made bar, created in an alcove under the stairs using an antique medicine cabinet and a shelf that doubles as a wine glass rack. Click below for four other ideas...

Alcoves make a great spot for shoe storage, whether you've got space for a bench, a closed shoe cabinet, or a vertical rack.

Alcoves are particularly useful in an entryway or bedroom, where they make great closets. Outfit them with built-in storage, a set of floating shelves, or cover up your insta-closet using a curtain.

An out-of-the-way alcove is the perfect spot for a recycling station. Stack your recycling bins vertically to save space.

In Sa's Family Home, built-in shelving provides the perfect spot for CD storage. Another take on this idea is to use an alcove to create a media nook that houses AV equipment, speakers, albums, or other tech components in one spot.

For other ways to use an alcove, click here.

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