5 New Design Books We're Excited For

5 New Design Books We're Excited For

Tara Bellucci
Sep 12, 2016
(Image credit: Abrams Image)

Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a new book. Here are five of our favorite new titles from the world of design.

(Image credit: Simon & Schuster)

Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home (Simon & Schuster, November 15)

It's been eight whole years since the OG Domino book earned a place on our shelves. Now, the Domino editors are back at it with a companion volume. And if you don't already have the first one, they're both available in a box set.

(Image credit: Rebecca Atwood)

Living with Pattern by Rebecca Atwood (Clarkson Potter, available now)

From pillows to hand soap, we're fans of everything Brooklyn-based textile designer Rebecca Atwood does. And we can think of few people more qualified to write a primer on pattern than her.

(Image credit: Katie Holdefehr)

The Finer Things by Christiane Lemieux (Clarkson Potter, available now)

We already went in depth on our love for The Finer Things, but it bears repeating. It's a crash course in the history and craftsmanship behind everything from wallpaper to rugs, complete with illustrated timelines that trace these modern comforts back to their often ancient roots.

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Chez Moi by Sarah Lavoine (Abrams Image, October 11)

Who hasn't wished for a bit of that effortless French style? Interior designer Sarah Lavoine gives us all a dose of la vie Parisienne, not just for the home, but for fashion and life, too.