5 New Milk Glass Pieces for the Home

5 New Milk Glass Pieces for the Home

Regina Yunghans
Jan 5, 2010

Old is new again with these current designs in milk glass. We love the material for the soft way it captures light and always admired vintage milk glass pieces of mom's and grandma's. These are a few pieces in the familiar material that are new in stores today:

1 milk glass table lamp from Posh Tots, $170 with silk shade
2 milk glass spotlight heads from Pottery Barn mount to tracks available separately, $39 each
3 12" cake stand from Fishs Eddy, $56
4 handpainted Aria shade from Schoolhouse Electric,
5 milk glass mosaic tile from Susan Jablon Mosaics

Of course, vintage milk glass pieces are also readily available. See more on this at Look! Milk Glass.

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