5 New Uses for Old T-Shirts

T-shirts multiply like rabbits in our house. We've collected freebies from lots of events and they just really seem to add up quickly. So t-shirts were at the top of our hit list on a recent clean-out of our dresser drawers. But what to do with them all? A few ideas:

1 Make t-shirt yarn, then knit it into what you may. Find out more from Glampyre Knits
2 This is a ruffled pillow made from an XL t-shirt. Via Floral Showers Crafts
3 Make a laptop sleeve, like this iShirt in Make Magazine
4 Cut them up into dusting cloths, like these from the frugal girl
5 Transform all of that fabric in a frumpy, baggy T into something you would wear outside of the house, via Dornob

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