5 Options For Carrying Around Your Pet That Actually Exist

5 Options For Carrying Around Your Pet That Actually Exist

Tara Bellucci
Sep 22, 2016
(Image credit: Amazon)

Does your dog get tired of walking? Does your cat yearn to see the world? Must they always be close? Here are five actual products for you crazy pet parents out there.

(Image credit: Amazon)

U-Pet Bubble Travel Backpack, from $109

Blast off! Wear your cat or dog on your back as they imagine they're exploring new galaxies. Fits pets up to 16 pounds.

(Image credit: Posh Pooch Boutique)

Dog lover's hoodie, $49.95

Picture a normal cuddly hoodie, but with a spacious kangaroo pouch built in for your little joey. The sleeves have thumb holes with embroidered paw pads, and the hood has attached ears. The hood's drawstrings have fuzzy pom-poms on the end which should endlessly entertain your cat.

(Image credit: Tough Traveler)

Dog Perch Backpack, from $315

For the active dog owner. Add your pup to your pack and get an extra workout hiking that mountain. Tough Traveler makes models that fit pets up to 26 pounds.

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FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling, $22.99

This eyeless model is definitely selling the lifestyle of pet sling ownership. This minimal accessory comes in four colors and fits pets up to 13 pounds.

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Pettom Front Pet Carrier, from $12.58

For full-on Baby Bjorn reenactments, you need this pet carrier. Their legs are free to keep on kicking you and maybe give you paw if you have a good treat handy. If you need convincing, just know that Mr Spaghetti loves it.

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