5 Other Things Your Dog Shouldn't Eat…and Why

5 Other Things Your Dog Shouldn't Eat…and Why

Janel Laban
Sep 27, 2011

It's National Dog Week! Here is some info to help keep these well-loved members of the family happy and healthy …

So we've all heard about chocolate. It's bad for dogs, even dangerous. But there are other everyday food items that you'll want to keep well out of reach of your dog to protect their health. Below, a short list, plus the reasons why.

1. Grapes and Raisins - Kidney damage to dogs (and cats)
2. Garlic and Onions - Red blood cell damage to dogs (and cats)
3. Xylitol (found in Sugarless Gum) - Increased insulin secretion/lower blood sugar levels in dogs
4. Raw Yeast and Bread Dough - Gas in digestive tract/yeast fermentation causing alcohol poisoning in dogs
5. Macadamia Nuts - Muscle and nervous system problems in dogs

Real Simple has the full list of the food no-no's for pets - check it out for the complete info, including possible effects.

MORE INFO: Real Simple

GOOD TO HAVE ON HAND: ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center - 888.426.4435

Image: Rita Maas/Real Simple

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