5 Outdoor DIY Kids Projects for Summer Fun

We're looking for every reason we can to get outdoors this summer, soak up the sun, and just be away from all of the gadgets and technology that inevitably waste our precious time together. Whether that means diving into a good book under a tree, splashing around in some water, or finding our inner artist alfresco - if it can be done outside that's where we want to do it. Here are five fun and relatively simple DIY projects that I'm loving to encourage my kids to put down the tablet and head outdoors:

1. (Above) Create an adorable and inexpensive water table for your kids with an inexpensive thrift store find and a little elbow grease like this one on A Lovely Lark.

2. Construct a hula hoop hideout like this one over on the Craft Nest for your kids to escape with a book, eat lunch, or just hide away.

3. Build a hanging pallet bed for daydreaming, reading, or even just napping like this one from Mommo Design.

4. Make an outdoor chalkboard wall like this one on My House and Home to encourage your budding artist to go wild.

5. Bathe your kid in the absolute best (at least by their standards) way possible with an outdoor kid wash like this one that we featured a while back by Instructables.

How do you encourage your kids to stop staring at a screen and head outside? We'd love to hear your ideas!

(Image credits: Lauren Hufnagl; Alanna George; Mommo Design; Tasya of My House and Home; J. Good Photography)