5 Prints for Spring

When spring hits, we can't help but think about making a fresh start. No matter how much we loved our décor all winter long, it's tough not to crave some kind of change. A new piece of artwork for the wall is a way to give a room a mini-lift without making a huge commitment — or shouldering a huge expense.Here are five prints we're currently eyeing that reflect the glory going on outside our windows.

1. "Cradle" by Alexis Anne Mackenzie, limited edition of 100 at Tiny Showcase, $20

2. "Myriad" by Yellena James at 20x200, $20 - $1000 (depending on the size)

3. Print on wood by Dolan Geiman, $275

4. Periploca esculenta botanical print from Panteek, $225

5. Limited edition bird screenprint by Roddy & Ginger, $33