Our 5 Favorite Anti-Monday Productivity Tools

Our 5 Favorite Anti-Monday Productivity Tools

Julienne Lin
Aug 15, 2011

Got the case of the Mondays? We hear you. In fact, it's been scientifically proven Mondays really do get people down, as noted in an article in the Telegraph. However, there's nothing a good cup of joe (try Intelligentsia if you want a treat) and some effective to-do apps won't fix – at least to get you through the day. Here are the tools we fall back on when Monday roll around.

HQ: Starting off with one we like for its good looks, if you're willing to dish out $3 for an intuitively designed, attractive app, we'd say HQ is a good one. HQ is a hybrid to-do app and scheduling tool for organizing projects with deadlines. Also, we are huge fans of using color coordination to organize which is a big part of HQ's functionality.

Agenda: Simplicity is always the key to efficiency and Agenda is our favorite In terms of the best working calendar with a beautiful, tidy interface. Our favorite feature is how the app integrates with other apps allowing you to make calls and access maps when you tap on a contact or address.

Wunderlist: We like Wunderlist first because it is a good, free tool and also because it works across all devices. Next, it also works on the web or as an app – whichever you prefer. We like the interface design of a wood panel to digitally tack up our to-do's on, and the short keys makes it a quick, easy tool to operate.

Printable Checklist: If you're more of a physical checklist type, you can quickly type one out with Printable Checklist, which comes with convenient checkboxes and print that list out. There's something satisfying about crossing your tasks off with a pen, right?

Evernote: Still the best productivity app in our opinion, Evernote is the best tool for not only instant productivity like scheduling deadlines and making to-do lists, but helps keeps us organized at all times because we use it as a place to save photos and links we like for inspiration or to revisit later for work. Many of us don't have the premium version, but the free version works just fine and is accessible across multiple devices too.

Lastly, we still find that using Google Calendar to its fullest potential can be quite helpful in setting deadlines and tasks as a standalone tool if you don't want to spend any money on a tool or the premium versions some offer.

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