5 Quick & Easy Afternoon-Sized IKEA Hacks

Love a good IKEA hack but don't want to dedicate the entire weekend to sawing, staining and completely transforming some big furniture piece? No worries! These five mini IKEA hacks are very versatile, everyone-could-use projects from small IKEA items — and they can all be completed quickly!

Pictured above: A series of small but handy, affordable baskets are beautified with the addition of colored embroidery thread. Seen on Tell Love & Chocolate.

An IKEA stool (or any stool, really) could get a pop of graphic fun with this idea, spotted on Funkytime.

Desktop organization doesn't have to be boring, as evidenced by the sharp geometric paint job on these simple wooden boxes. Seen on solebich.

Don't let a clock be plain when you can punch it up with absolutely any color you might like! Get inspired with the project spotted on The Paper Mama.

White shelves don't have to stay white, either! A band of color on the edges is simple but effective. Spotted on A Bubbly Life.

What are your favorite mini IKEA hacks?

(Image credits: Tell Love & Chocolate; Funkytime; solebich; The Paper Mama; A Bubbly Life)