5 Quirky Accessories I Use Every Day

5 Quirky Accessories I Use Every Day

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 29, 2012

They say necessity is the mother of invention and we do think that many of the items that I use daily, several of which come from Quirky, sprang from one person being unhappy with the options that existed for say wire management or docking stations and decided to do something about it. Quirky, a site we've mentioned a few times before, is a place where one can submit ideas for products that then can, with enough community support, become reality. In this post we will talk about 5 such products from Quirky that I personally use on a daily basis.

Contort: The built-in wire management is why I love this 4-port USB hub. It's perfect for helping keep the cords wrangled and provide the USB ports I need when I use my MacBook Air. $24.99

Pivot Power: Bulky plugs that cover adjacent outlets in a standard strip are no fun and thanks to the design of the Pivot Power this problem goes away. The Pivot Power bends so that each of these plugs can fit and I wonder why these weren't been invented years ago. $29.99

Converge: This docking station has power for four devices that charge via USB which means I can charge both of my smartphones and cameras and the docking station looks great while doing it. $39.99

Wrapster: Tangled earbuds are a problem we talk about frequently on Apartment Therapy Tech and so far the best solution I've found is to use the Wrapster. This nifty little device lets me keep my earbuds in check and when they are in use it slides down on the headphone cord to keep from getting lost. $6.99

PowerCurl: One of the things that drives me a little batty is how the MacBook Air power cord without the extension is way too short and with it is a bit too long. To help pick up the slack and keep our desk looking tidy we use the PowerCurl. I love the bright orange color and how well it gives me just the amount of cord I need to prevent the massive trip hazard that the cord was before the PowerCurl came into my life. $12.99

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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