5 Reasons To Declutter, Purge, and Simplify Your Home

5 Reasons To Declutter, Purge, and Simplify Your Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 25, 2011

Have you been holding off on decluttering your home? Did you start at some point and never finish? Is there one closet or drawer you've yet to tackle? Here are 5 reasons to get on the ball:

1. Mental Clarity: The relief that's found after realizing you don't actually need things you've been holding on to is hard to describe to those who have yet to experience it. It's freeing, it's amazing, you physically feel lighter, your home feels fresher, lighter, brighter... it's worth the experience. In a world where we surround ourselves with things society tells us we need, realizing you can live with less, or without, is calming to your home and to your soul.

2. Efficiency To Be Found: Even apartments and homes with awkward or bizarre layouts can be amazingly efficient, but paring down your furnishings is often essential to seeing its full potential. Live with what you love, but don't feel the need to fill the fill empty space until you know how it can be used best for your own needs.

3. A Chance To Reinvent Yourself You might roll your eyes at small craft projects or makeovers (they do happen frequently on the internet), but you might discover you can reinvent yourself or your decor with very little work. Without buying more, it can allow you the security of money in the back for emergencies or larger items down the road.

4. Finding Undiscovered Space: Once you toss, donate or trash the things you don't need, you might find use for a space you didn't realize you had. Although it's easier to visualize some spaces for artwork and furniture, the actual purpose for a space might change with a little less in it. An empty corner might be a library, a hallway might be a station for a family computer.

5. Tax Deductions: Donating goods and saving your receipts can come back in full to you at tax time. Not only are you doing good, but you're also getting a little back which encourages you to give a little more next time.

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(Image: Liz Vidyarthi for Nick and Rachel's Creative Warehouse Loft)

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