5 Resources for Eccentric Walls

5 Resources for Eccentric Walls

Meg Lewis
Apr 21, 2011

Sometimes I still can't believe that wallpaper is making a comeback. I cringe at the thought of the effort it takes to put it up and the hassle of taking it down. However, when I see daring or even funny wallpaper it all just seems worth it.

For lazier folk like me, the decal is all the rage. You get a fun wallpaper-like feel, without the hassle. I'm all for fun walls these days. Anything that livens up a room is good in my book. If you think you have drab decor and boring furniture, a happy wall will do your space so much good!

Here is a list of my favorite resources for fun walls. I'd like to know what some of your favorites are too!

  1. Paper Boy Wallpaper: Hilariously cute wallpaper for children and extra-fun adults. These are such a great conversation starter.

  2. Studio Rita: Studio Rita sells really great, one-of-a-kind wallpapers. They only have a few styles to choose from, but they're all equally great!

  3. Blik Surface Graphics: A genius idea from what seems like a super cool company. Blik has tons of removable wall decals in stock. They cater to anyone from children to adults!

  4. Farrow & Ball:
  5. They make super traditional, but unique wallpapers available in the widest variety of colors. A great way to class up a room!
  6. Paper Source: They provide fairly cheap wrapping paper for you to cover your walls in. It allows for an easy-to-remove system for small accent areas. Read more in my post Look! Rental Friendly Wallpaper Solution.
  7. Images: as credited to above links

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