A mix of seating keeps this dining room from Design*Sponge interesting.

Dining rooms are often the hardest rooms to casually re-decorate: most don't have room for a lot of extra furniture, so once you have a table and chairs and paint on the walls, they can feel, well... done. Which is great, but what about when you get the urge to shake things up? Read on for some ideas on how to inject some fresh style into your eating space.

  1. Switch up the seating. This doesn't have to involve buying new chairs — consider going for the mix-and-match look, and switching a few out for others you already own. A smallish armchair can look fun at the head of a table, and a bench instead of chairs completely changes the vibe of most dining rooms.
  2. Lose the (old) lighting. Dining rooms often have one central lighting fixture, which can easily dominate the look and feel of the room. Change the style of lighting to change the feel of the space: a traditional chandelier in a modern loft can look great, as does a mid-century or modern pendant in a more traditional space.
  3. Alter it with art. Sometime's it's as easy as changing what's hung on the walls. Go for one large-scale piece or a gallery wall of favorites; just experiment until you find something that feels fresh.
  4. The power of paint. It might not be as easy as laying down a tablecloth, but adding some color by painting the walls (even one wall could do it) is a sure-fire way to freshen your space.