5 Streamlined & Useful Desk Accessories


I don't have a neat desk — I never have and while I continue to try, I wonder if I ever will. Since I'm still fine-tuning my loft office, I've come across a lot of desk accessories, many of which seem a bit superfluous. Here are five I've encountered that actually cut down on clutter, while looking pretty good themselves

1. This may only be a necessity for washi-tape hoarders, but you know who you are. A lovely little holder displays your collection and keeps them close at hand. $19 at The Tinted Mint.
2. If you use a variety of different-sized pencils for drafting, sketching, or writing, this beech sharpener will help guarantee you always have the right sharpener on hand, without digging through drawers or yelling. $10 at Present and Correct.
3. A bright staple-free stapler is perfect for a low-key home office. While it only staples four sheets at once, it's ideal for eco-friendly people who only need a stapler for small projects. $13 at Amazon.
4. Instead of jotting notes on scrap paper, write on this reusable, bamboo dry erase board. $14 at See Jane Work
5. I already have a bigger version of this cable organizer in white and love it. This miniature orange version is especially cheery. $30 at A+R Store.

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