A vase of cut flowers is a common centerpiece that comes to mind when we set up the dining room table. But there are so many other terrific options out there. Depart from flowers and have fun coming up with new ideas for the center of the table - you just might surprise yourself...

1 Fresh fruit adds color - and it's edible. This tray of oranges is from 27 Household Uses For Citrus Fruit.
2 A bowl of river rocks introduces a hint of the outdoors. We like these, mixed with shells, from Marjie's Coastal Cottage.
3 A large copper bowl takes its place on Apartment Therapy Chicago editor Susie's table, as seen in Setting Up Home: What Lives on Your Dining Table?.
4 Candles are classic, as seen at this dinner party on Real Simple's blog Simply Stated
5 Display a collection, like this pottery from Dining Room in a Portland Bungalow