030909cozy-01.jpgThere's nothing better than an intimate evening spent cozied up in the kitchen. Good food, great wine and flowing conversation amidst homey surroundings and we'll stay indoors every single time. 5 tips to a cozier kitchen after the jump.

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Metro shelving units were previously only seen in commercial kitchens but are now popping up in the everyday home. A way to make the unit cozier is to add some decorative touches. We've seen a table lamp and artwork mixed in with milk glass and pretty plates. Feel free to add plants for added warmth.
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Open shelving is another way to add extra storage space while showing your wares at the same time. Again, personal touches are key--mix it up or keep it uniform.

In our last apartment, we had a cozy yellow chair positioned in the corner of our kitchen. The corner nook was being underutilized so we decided to bring in a bit of warmth by adding a comfy chair. By adding the chair, our guest could now keep us company when we were cooking up dinner.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We love bringing the traditional table lamp into the kitchen. It's unexpected but oh-so-cozy.

Another unexpected element in the kitchen is a dresser. Used for linens and platters, we love how the dresser makes the kitchen feel like an extension of the living room. A great option for when you need extra storage space.

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