HTML For Babies & 4 Other Tech Baby Accessories

HTML For Babies & 4 Other Tech Baby Accessories

Taryn Williford
Sep 1, 2011

If you want to be parent to the world's next Mark Zuckerburg or 14-year-old hacker phenom, you'll need to get them started early. Like, at birth. Here are a few accessories to help your little Mac Genius along the way.

For the future web designer:
HTML for Babies book
From the publisher, "We feel that colorful, bold letter forms along with code tags and symbols are a great way to get new eyes and ears started on the ABCs of the web."
Where to get it: Amazon, $8.99

For the future blogger:
Vinyl mac Desktop placemat
While the other kids are making finger paint out of their peanut butter, your kid will be trying to Cmd+N a fresh baked cookie.
Where to get it: Unconfessable Ideas, $15

For the future Mac Genius:
Mac Genius bib
Don't you know that the whole point of being a Mac Addict is getting to show off your Apple-centric status? Get your little Mac Genius started early by dressing her up in this bib.
Where to get it: CafePress, $12

For the future photographer:
Baby Photographer Onesie
As a photographer, you've got to get used to having your gear slung from your neck nearly 24/7. While gentle baby necks can't yet take the weight of a Nikon D7000, they can sport this non-toxic screen-printed version.
Where to get it: Etsy, $13

For the future computer programmer:
"I Love You, Daddy" in Binary onesie
There's 26 letters in the alphabet, and only two characters in binary code. Instead of wasting your time working on ABCs, get the little one working on his 0s and 1s. He'll be talking like a computer in no time.
Where to get it: CafePress, $19.30

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