Sippy cups have a way of devouring valuable storage space. Why not bypass them entirely with special tops that convert beverage containers you already own? Here are five different ways to work with what you have and put a lid on it.

1. Double/Double makes the SipSnap Kid (pictured) and SipSnap Tot to turn any cup into a splatter-proof straw- or sippy cup. $21, Double/Double

2. Cuppow makes a BPA free rigid plastic lid that turns a canning jar into a travel cup. $8.99, Cuppow

3. If your baby used Lifefactory glass bottles then you can snag their sippy caps for a quick conversion. 2 for $16.99, Sprout San Francisco

4. EcoJarz silicone drink tops fit canning jars. 3 for $20.50, Amazon

5. The Silisipper top turns the beloved Duralex Picardie into a sippy cup. $4.50, Stork Organic Baby Boutique