5 Uses for Wood Pallets in the Home

Reusing wooden pallets as furniture is not just for industrial interiors or lofts. When I came across the first picture of the pallet coffee table with the glass top, I was inspired to find more examples of different ways to reuse pallets. My favorite use is the office workspace constructed entirely of pallets.

Uses for Wood Pallets:

  • Coffee Table: I have seen a few versions of the pallet coffee table, usually in a more raw form. Chris from Chris' Industrial "Dreamer's Dream" Loft made his coffee table and its unfinished look fit perfectly into his industrial loft space. On the contrast, I love how simply adding a glass top and caster wheels gives the coffee table a whole new look.
  • Kid's Bed: To change up the look of a traditional kids room and teach sustainability early on, why not incorporate a wood pallet bed.
  • Office Desk: Using wood pallets to serve as a desk is something I have never seen before until I came across an entire office setup built from pallets. I love the idea and I think it makes for a very creative and inspiring work environment.
  • Sofa: Just add a cushion and a few pillows on top of a stack of pallets and you have a sofa. I don't know that it is comfortable enough to be your main sofa, but it could be fun for extra seating.
  • Ottoman: I like the look of the raw pallet, but I can also appreciate the finished/painted pallets which serve as the base of the featured ottoman.

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Images: Norske interiorblogger, monkeyzen, The Office of Erik Dahl, Javakonindo

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