$5 Vintage Lamp Makeover

At an auction in the middle of the blazing heat a few summers ago, we dragged home one of the ugliest lamps we had ever seen. It was originally painted like cabbage, or something out of The Little Shop of Horrors. Since then it's been every color under the sun, most recently red. Click through the jump to see how we gave it a fresh new look, including the dingy, fuzzy, water stained shade.

Follow the steps below as we transform our lamp into a cool new hue!

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First up on the list is masking off any metal bits you don't want painted. We use a low stick masking tape that peels right back off when we are done with things.

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We have a spot in our building in which spray painting is allowed, so we work indoors on cardboard. Outside is preferred, just make sure to work on a day where there is no wind and dust isn't swirling about. We painted the shade first and then tackled the base.

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This vintage shade is a dust collector. We've dusted it until we are blue in the face and haven't made any headway in getting it clean. We chose a flat spray paint in a color we loved and went to town. The water stain disappeared but the dust is still visible.

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Using a paper towel simply brush away the dust and lint that was stuck to the shade. Now that its been coated in paint, it falls easily off the shade and onto whatever surface is below (make sure to put down paper or be prepared to wipe things down well!)

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As you can see there's a great deal of debris that came off once we gave it a good brushing.

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The shade painted up perfectly with the matte paint and brings a whole new life to it. No longer does it wear the stains of it's past and instead adds a great pop of color to our space. Now we just have to find a place for our dressed up auction find in our new space!

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