One small DIY project with lots of impact is to add just a little color in your home. It might be with leftover paint, a quart of color you've been afraid to try allover, or even just a little sample pot from the hardware store. Here are five ways to do it:

1 Paint the stair treads. The idea is illustrated in this pic from Real Simple.
2 Paint your bathroom drawer fronts. Just the fronts, which sets them apart from the cabinet case. Image: Good Housekeeping
3 The front door is an extremely high-impact one to tackle. Choose the color carefully then take the plunge. Image: Todd Hido / SF Gate
4 Stenciled house numbers take just a little bravery and even less paint. Image: Modern House Numbers
5 Monogram something. This DIY-able example from Dabney Lee would be cute in a child's room.