6 Ways To Create Wall Graphics On A Budget

Large wall graphics are all the rage these days and although they're less expensive than having an artist come in and hand paint such things — the retail options aren't always cheap either. Here are 5 ways to get the look at home on a shoestring budget!

1. Use Electrical Tape: So it's only a small step up from duct tape, but it's an important one in this case. Electrical tape cuts easily and is great for geometric designs or old school game-esque looks, like these for example (as pictured above). You can remove them any time and the residue wipes clean with a little degreaser.

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2. Sharpie Markers: This entire room was done by a few dollars worth of Sharpie Markers and although you don't need to go to quite the same extent, it's always an option to do so. Try small things like word bubbles, stars, clouds or rocketships. It's a kid's room, so it's ok for a wibbly line or two!

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3. Contact Paper: Contact paper is easy to apply, cut and best of all — find! You can find extra colorful options online, but we like basic solid colors to make an impact without feeling like you're caught up in a food fight with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

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4. Stencils & Paint: Stencils can be used on the walls, floor, ceiling and more. They're easy to make from a sturdy card stock, manila envelope or thicker plastics found at craft stores. There's millions of resources online so you can custom make anything you want for your little one's space. Check out a few previous ideas here!

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5. Rasterbator: This (free) program has the ability to take any artwork and turn it into all sorts of huge sizes. 4'x5'? No problem! 16'x8' Even better! If you haven't used it before, take a look at the behind the scenes look here.

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6. Fabric: You don't need to go all out with details, sometimes a few basic shapes can look far superior. If you're looking for something that removes easily and takes but a few minutes to create, then look no further than fabric! Learn how to make fabric silhouettes here.

(Image: Blik, Lexington Herald-Leader, Contact Paper As Wall Art, Managemyhome.com, The Rasterbator: Huge DIY Artwork, How To Make Fabric Wall Silhouettes)

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