5 Ways To Diversify Your Collection

5 Ways To Diversify Your Collection

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 30, 2011

Is your collection feeling a little stale? You like what you have, but something isn't quite right. Maybe you need to change things up or even present them differently. Here's 5 tips on making your collection eye catching and diverse.

1. Size: It can be easy to only buy lots of small things or just a few big things. Although both have their own aesthetic look, it can make a collection feel stale. Try changing things up and focus on finding a larger piece if you usually pick up small things. Make something if you have to, but the diversity will go a long way to making things look well rounded.

2. Color: Just because you bought it white, brass or silver, doesn't mean it has to stay that color. Try a bit of spray paint, dye or alter it in some way that gives it a bit more depth and makes it fit in how you want it to among your other things.

3. How It's Displayed: Setting items on a shelf is a no brainer and an easy way to present a collection. To split things up and give your collection a bit more personality, try staging a few items together, possibly in a jar, under glass, in a frame

4. Material: Just because you collect squirrels doesn't mean they all have to be thrift store ceramics. Try finding wooden pieces, things made of glass, possibly a cork cut out. Seeking out pieces that will diversify your collection based on what they're made from will not only make it more interesting, but make it more versatile if you want to move the items around you home.

5. Thin It Out, Buy What You Love: One friends and family find out you have a thing for tea cups, it seems that's all you'll ever get come gift giving time. Don't be afraid to thin out your collection, sell or trade what you don't want and bring in pieces you truly love and will cherish.

Do you have any tips that helped you grow and diversify your collections over the years? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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