5 Ways to Keep Your Screen Clean & Streak Free

5 Ways to Keep Your Screen Clean & Streak Free

When you stare at a screen for a large portion of your day you want it to be clean. Not streaky clean, but squeaky clean with no bits of dust or smudges. We've brought together these 5 tips for how to keep your screen looking so fresh and so clean.

5 Tools, Tricks, & Tips For a Cleaner Screen:

1) Start With a Bright White Slate: When prepping for screen cleaning time, start with a white base. The blank white canvas will make every tiny smudge or speck of dust evident. Alternatively for some screens, a black backdrop increases the visibility of smudges.

2) Blow Some Air: Use an SLR air blower to gently clean your screen. It's easy and quick, simply position the air blower over the surface of your screen to blow away the lint, hair, and dust.

3) Use a Coffee Filter: You know those little rippled cones of blotting paper that filter your morning brew, coffee filters? Well they are perfect for clearing the dust from your screen because they catch dust and cut screen static and don't leave any fibers behind like paper towels.

4) The Apple Way: Per the guidelines for keeping screens clean, Apple suggest using the included lint free (comes with every Mac) cloth with water and advises you to never spray water on your screen. We suggest improving on this by using a Toddy as your cleaning cloth which is highly useful for removing smudges and getting a streak free clean.

5) Homebrew Cleaning Solution: We have found using a solution of purified water and white vinegar to work well when cleaning our screens. We spray this homemade solution into a white cotton rag and use it to wipe the screen. After applying the solution we then use an eyeglass cleaning cloth to eliminate any remaining streaks.

What do you use to keep your screen clean?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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