5 Ways to Naturally Clean Whites

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Going green means we're trying to avoid harmful chemicals in our everyday cleaning supplies. That pretty much nixes bleach altogether, but we've found a few natural ways to whiten laundry without the use of bleach...

• If you spill something dark, pour salt on it to absorb moisture from the spill.
• Apply white vinegar or lemon juice directly to stains.
• Soak whites in a solution of water and lemon juice.
• Wash whites with washing soda, similar to baking soda but with a lower pH.
• After washing, hang whites to dry in the sun. Sunlight naturally bleaches without setting stains the way a dryer does.

Give us your tips for ways to naturally clean whites in the comments below.

Photo: Blanca Bed Linens from Crate and Barrel

Originally posted by Sarah on AT:Chicago.