5 Ways to Optimize the Single Wall Kitchen Layout

5 Ways to Optimize the Single Wall Kitchen Layout

Claire Bock
Jul 9, 2014

The latest kitchen layout to become popular in new build London flats is the kitchen wall. With a kitchen spanning just one wall of a flat, a bit of clever space planning is needed to optimize valuable kitchen real estate.

(Image credit: Rightmove)

With the kitchen laid out along one wall, it leaves the rest of the flat open for a "loft" feel. But in reality, these kitchen walls give little storage space and can make living areas feel more like a studio apartment. Here are some tips for ways occupants can inhabit their kitchen and living space.

Shown above, left to right:

For the Family: Separate the kitchen from the living room with a dining table running parallel to the kitchen wall.

For the Entertainer: Add a bar top table with bar stools to break up the space with a casual eating area.

For the Homebody: Add warmth with a runner rug as a way to literally draw a line on the floor between the kitchen and living room.

For the Gourmet Cook: Install a freestanding kitchen island to expand the kitchen workspace. For a low-end and high-end option, check out these pieces from IKEA and Minam.

For the Chef Who has Everything: Expand kitchen storage by placing open shelving on the wall immediately to the left or right of the kitchen wall. These reclaimed wood shelves with basic brackets from West Elm are similar to the ones pictured in Allison Burke's Modern House.

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