5 Ways To Repurpose Old Purses At Home

5 Ways To Repurpose Old Purses At Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 4, 2011

Although we don't talk about fashion around these parts, purses can contribute quite a bit to closet and home clutter. You hate to get rid of them, but you might not carry them as frequently as you'd like... and they do take up space. Here are five other ways to put them to use when you're not using them:

1. Car Emergency Kits: Many purses will hold a few snacks, a bottle of water, a tire gauge and some road flares pretty well. If you drive longer distances, more might be required, but they'll tuck under a car seat well without having everything roaming around your floorboards.

2. Sewing Kits: Purses with flat bottoms are great for small sewing kits. You can easily see inside them and they keep things safe and sound. If you aren't a big sewer, this small space solution is a good one.

3. Children & Teens: Give your less-used purses to teens and tweens in your community circles who might not be fortunate enough to buy one on their own.

4. Recover & Reuse: Leather might be out on this option, but when it comes to fabric bags, you can easily recover or dye them. Larger ones work out great as overnight bags or beach bags if you don't need them for day to day use.

5. Forget Repurposing & Sell it on eBay: Even if we could use the purse in other ways around the house, you can also try to sell it on eBay for decent money. (This is obviously best for high-quality vintage or designer purses.)

Can you think of other creative ways to give purses new life? Or are you quite happy just keeping them in your closet?

(Image: Flickr member jessjamesjake licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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