Dishes are one of those things you can always find for pennies at the thrift store. Cheap and ubiquitous, they have a lot of potential for DIY projects.

  1. Decorate Your Own Tea Set: This project, submitted by an Apartment Therapy reader, teaches how to upgrade an old set of white china.
  2. Make Stencil Plates: Bloesem provides a helpful tutorial on re-making old dishes by stenciling them, a la Sarah Cihat.
  3. Hang Plates: Abby's tutorial offers tips for putting a mis-matched collection on display.
  4. Make Candle Sconces from Silver Plates: PointClickHome explains how to make this Goth accessory.
  5. Make Mirrors from Thrifted Plates: Craftynest gives step-by-step instructions for making a set of decorative wall mirrors.

Photos: Aya Rosen, Bloesem, Abby Stone, Anne E. Collins / PointClickHome, Craftynest