5 Ways to "Spring Forward" in Your Home

5 Ways to "Spring Forward" in Your Home

Susie Nadler
Mar 9, 2009
Recommendations: Spring by The Creative Force

Changing the clocks yesterday has us in the mood to make other changes in preparation for spring. Whether or not it looks like spring outside your windows yet, here are a few things you can do to bring the new season into your home…

1 - Switch out your artwork. Of course wall art need not be seasonal, but in certain spaces with a tendency to be dull—home office, bathroom—it might be nice to hang a few temporary prints with a springlike feel. Try one of these $40 silkscreens from Portland-based The Creative Force For Efficiency and Morale (spotted on {frolic!}).

2- Bring in some spring flowers. Poppies are amazing—buy them totally closed and watch them all open up within a day or two. If that doesn't get you in the mood for spring, you might want to sleep for six more weeks...

3 - Consider a bedding swap. Sometimes in spring and summer we like to dress our bed with just a simple white duvet and a lightweight throw in a bright color. Or if you want something with a little texture, the organic cotton pin-tucked duvet from West Elm, pictured above, is cloudlike and fluffy (and not super expensive, at $99 for a full/queen).

4 - Try a new set of dishes. We like to shuffle ours around throughout the year. Anthropologie can always be counted on for springlike tableware, like these Pennycress dishes. (If only strawberries were already in season!)

5 - Invest in a new houseplant and a pretty pot. There's no better way to bring vitality to a room. Palms have a relaxed, luxurious feel about them—perfect for spring—and certain varieties love to grow indoors. Ask your local nursery for recommendations.

Aside from the apocryphal cleaning, how do you like to "spring forward" in your home?

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