6 Ways to Style Your Windows

6 Ways to Style Your Windows

Sarah Coffey
Dec 14, 2007

Different strokes for different folks. How you style your windows can change the look of a room. Floor-to-ceiling drapes usually make a room look elegant, short curtains are more casual, and graphic patterns create a focal point. For six ways to style (including photos and links), click below.

1) Use sheer blinds printed with graphic patterns like these incredible window treatments from Delia Shades. For tips on how to make your own version by embellishing a roman shade, click here. Images (including top photo) via Delia Shades.

2) Sheers underneath, solid floor-length drapes on top. Sheers add warmth without weighing a room down, and heavier drapes create drama. Image: Neuendorf Interiors, Australia.

3) Use long curtains that pool at the floor and knot them a few feet off the ground for an elegant look with a relaxed edge. Image via Designer's Guild.

4) Layer mismatched patterns in the same color family. Image via Designer's Guild.

5) Make a roman shade from printed fabric. For tips on making your own, click here. Image via Marimekko UK.

6) Use a printed panel curtain that just skims the floor for a casual, breezy look. Image via Fjorn Scandinavian.

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