Space Saver: 5 Ways to Use a Flower Bucket

Space Saver: 5 Ways to Use a Flower Bucket

Angie Cho
Feb 15, 2012

When it comes to saving space, storage solutions should be like a super model, tall and lean. Why? Tall and lean storage solutions have small footprints, using very little precious floor space, and being tall, they use vertical space, which is always a good strategy anytime you need space efficiency. Enter flower buckets, tall, lean, and ready to do many jobs around your home.

In addition to being eco-friendly, a flower bucket's steel construction is durable, long lasting and waterproof, making it useful both indoors and out.

Tip: French flower buckets generally come in three sizes. Use the tallest one (24 inches) for maximum benefit.

Here are five ways to use it around your home or work space.

1. Umbrella stand for the entryway, mudroom, back door or porch: It's waterproof! No more rain mess.
2. Trash bin for the office or bedroom: Tall and lean, it'll tuck right into a corner or under a table.
3. Large compost bin in the kitchen, balcony/patio, or backdoor: Just use extra long barbeque tongs to toss contents about. Then, hang tongs on handle or lip.
4. Catch-all bin (toys, etc.) to keep the clutter down in the living room: Easily hides behind an armchair or under a coat rack.
5. Affordable, extra large plant pot or vase: Lightweight and waterproof, it's easy to move around compared to ceramic or glass.

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BF Utility Bucket

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