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April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring a raging case of cabin fever to families with toddlers. It's a tough age; as Jamie from Hands On: As We Grow points out, toddlers have short attention spans, want to put stuff in their mouths and may not understand directions. She recommends keeping it simple with her excellent roundup of activities.

Jamie broke her recommendations down into sensory activities, arts and crafts, free play material exploration, and other activities with an intended purpose. Some of the standouts include soapy jars, playing with flour, tape resist art, contact paper window decor, corn kernel play, balloon badminton and carpet doodling. Most of the activities call for common household items that you likely have on hand. It's a great resource for families suffering from rainy season burnout. See all 50 suggestions at Hands On: As We Grow.

(Image: Hands On: As We Grow)