50+ Ways to Save Money on Home Energy, Utilities & Repairs

It's one thing to spend money on a vacation or something fun, but another thing entirely to shell out cash for boring (albeit necessary) utilities and repairs. You might be surprised and pleased then by how much you can save each month by doing a few simple things for very little money. Learn what your bills are telling you about your home, and what to do next.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Rental More Energy Efficient

2. 5 Ways To Maximize Existing Natural Light in Your Home

3. 8 Easy Energy Saving Tips for the Kitchen

4. The 5 Devices that Burn Through Your Power Bill

5. 6 Ways to Save Money While Fixing Up Your Home

6. 5 Tips for Living Life Without a Dryer

7. How To Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

8. 10 Ways To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must

9. Save Money By Running Appliances & Recharging At Night

10. How to Read Your Gas or Electric Utility Bill

11. How to Save Energy In Every Room

12. Household Repairs You Can Learn How to Do Online

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