#51 - John’s Timeless Brownstone

#51 - John’s Timeless Brownstone

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 28, 2006

Name: John S.
Location: New York, NY – Upper Westside
Size: 470 s/f One Bedroom

Favorite resource:

Dykes Lumber, Craigslist, Expo Design Center

What inspired you?

I wanted a modern yet timeless aesthetic that anyone would appreciate. My neighbors' apartments in our walkup co-op brownstone hinted at the potential that was hidden behind the plaster and white paint in my own apartment.

...I was in dire need of storage and to rid myself of clutter. In the process of renovating I uncovered nooks and dead space that I used to add storage…i.e. cabinets above my bathroom and set into the walls as well as a hearth in front of the fireplace that houses a storage compartment. All woodwork around windows and brick wall was restored.

Design Tip:

Source out the highest quality materials/products when you can – it's worth it in the long run.

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