52 Nights Unplugged - An Addict's Journey

52 Nights Unplugged - An Addict's Journey

Feb 21, 2008

Ariel, a blogger, vowed to go one night a week without technology, email or blogging. And of course, as a result, she has created a blog about it. Above left is her "before" picture that she posted on her site.

Do you think you could give up TV, internet, email, etc., for one night a week more than you currently do? What would it take for you to do that?

52 Nights Unplugged chronicles Ariel's quest to cut the addiction she has with technology one night a week.

And yet still, Ariel allows some technology on her tech-free nights: her iPod for music, her cell phone, and her digital camera, to record the events that happen on these 52 nights.

Do you think that's a fair allowance? Giving up something is better than nothing, for sure, if you think you have a problem, but...?

-Thanks to PoppyW, yanyin, corazon girl, and Godsmoon for sharing addiction pics with us!

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