#54 - Valerie's Easy Green Nest

Name: Valerie
Location: SoHo, New York City
Size: 303 s/f Rental Studio

Favorite resource:


What inspired you?

Though I'm a native New Yorker, I lived in Maui before moving to this light-filled studio seven years ago. Hence my love for things like bamboo (the lampshades and cabinets are covered with placemats from Pearl River) and an organic-zen, planty, green, life-filled feeling.

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...Being in such a small space also inspired an obsession with clean lines and efficency­­going vertical with the Shelfshop shelf-desk-combo was nearly life-altering.

Though I've gradually matured the space by replacing street-found and Surprise! Surprise! furniture with grown-up stuff (by weird, cool circumstance Todd Oldham helped me pick out fabric for the Snap sofa himself), I still love meaningful, often DIY, whimsy­­hence the purple birds, funky angel doll, and horse-head lamps.

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Design Tip:

Toss anything that gives you a bad vibe of any sort, gifts included.

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