58 Morton Street Shows a Little Leg

58 Morton Street Shows a Little Leg

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 14, 2005

TownHouse... We don't normally pimp apartments, and only do so because the pics are good and satisfy our interior cravings. Here are two extremely handsome old-fashioned apartments on Morton Street. Morton Street! This is a sweet block that we would love to live on. Ah, but the rents are a bit too high for us yet....

These are being rented by a friend who owns the building. In effort to avoid broker's fees, he sent out this email directly. See below for all info. MGR

58 Morton Street (South side between 7th Avenue South & Hudson)
New York, NY 10014

The building is a four story wide 1847 historic townhouse; my wife and I have just completed renovating the building systems, cellar and lower two floors (where we live); tenants have their own formal entry up the stoop (presently being rebuilt), keyed entry and buzzer intercom to the three rental apartments. Apt. 2 is the full floor on the second floor and Apt. 3R is the rear apartment and one of two on the third floor (the other is occupied). Our own apartment included, there are a total of 4 units in the building.

The building has mail delivery, a superintendent who cleans the hallways, shovels snow, etc., and there is a managing agent for emergencies, etc. in the event I or my wife is unavailable. Pets are allowed upon our approval (we have a very friendly dog). The building is our house and we operate it as such; it's a pleasant and quiet place to live.

Apt. 2 rents/asks $5,000 per month.

Apt. 3R rents/asks $3,000 per month.

The market bears what it will and, thankfully, pays our mortgage; that said we take great care in finding terrific tenants and try to work as best as possible with respect to rents and terms.

Leases are year-to-year. Both units are available March 1, 2005. Apartments will be delivered repainted and can be (within reason) painted to tenant's color schemes.

I am planning on showing the apartments at the following times (I am awaiting confirmation from the current residents):

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 -- 6pm - 7pm.

Thursday, February 17, 2005 -- 5pm - 7pm.

Should you continue to be interested, please respond via email and let me know which showing you will attend. I will confirm with you via email. If you are unable to attend either showing, please let me know; resident schedules may allow for another showing.


Nicholas Stern

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