6 Backpacks for Your Trendy Kids

Back to School 2013

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Younger kids want a backpack with their favorite color or perhaps their favorite character or animal. But your bigger kids are likely honing their own personal style already. If they favor what's on-trend right now...there's a backpack for that.

Here are six that show off a current design trend: crosses, arrows, neon, galaxy print, chevron and the motif with surprisingly staying power: the mustache.

1. Cross Print Backpack $29.80, Forever 21
2. Arrow Backpack $15 (sale), Urban Outfitters
3. Neon Backpack by Baggu $25, Fab.com
4. Galaxy Backpack $29.99, Cerebral Crystal 
5. Chevron Backpack $34.50, Nona Louise
6. Moustache Backpack, $19.97 (sale) Tillys

(Images: as linked; composite: Carrie McBride)

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Back to School 2013

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