6 Chandeliers from GreatChandeliers.com

6 Chandeliers from GreatChandeliers.com

Abby Stone
Apr 14, 2008

This week, lighting is on the minds of our Spring Curees. Good lighting can literally brighten up a room. In our small dining room, our chandelier draws all the attention. Black crystal, it provides a focal point as well as light. We got ours from a friend who'd purchased it off Great Chandeliers. They're a great resource, whether you're looking for something in crystal…

...or in iron, with many chandeliers under $300. A word of warning though. You'll have to bring your patience or the services of a good electrician to the table. These sparklers come completely disassembled and must be put together.

Marcel Wanders Chandelier Showerhead
Habitat's Akiko Pendant Chandelier
Shoe Chandelier>Shoe Chandelier
Look! Bottle End Chandelier
Look! DIY Plastic Cup Lampshade

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