6 Things To Collect That Won't Cost A Cent

Often when we speak of the things we collect, there's a certain prestige or price tag associated with things. So does that mean you can't collect things if you're checkbook is hurting at the moment? Of course not! Here's 6 things you can collect that will look great on display, start great conversations and leave you with a few pennies in your bank account!

Even though collecting the odd and ordinary isn't for everyone, there are those of us who simply enjoy the idea of a repeating visual display. It doesn't always matter what it is, there's just something about a whole container of the same thing that gets us all excited. Here's a few free things to collect that will look great on display, even if they don't have a first edition label, hand signed signature or designer name!

1. Bag Ties & Twists: How many loaves of bread does your family eat each week? 1? 2? Start tossing the ties in a container and watch your collection grow. You'll be surprised how many you'll come across once you start paying attention to them.

2. Rocks: They're everywhere and even though you probably collected a few cool ones when you were a kid, you can start filling vases of glassware with them as an adult. We do suggest washing them all first to make them extra pretty.

3. Fortune Cookie Fortunes: If you're already eating out, simply remember to stick them in your purse or wallet until you get home. Frame them individually or keep them on a receipt spike for easy display.

4. Matchbooks: At most gas stations, a matchbook is free if you ask (they're usually behind the counter with the clerk). Instead of picking up some lame shot glass, grab a matchbook instead and date the inside flap with the location you picked it up from.

5. Gelato Spoons: Ok, so technically you'd have to buy said gelato before acquiring the spoons, but most places will give you a taste test for free. Collect the spoons in a glass jar to show off their bright colors. Make sure to wash them and even add a flavor to the handle. 10 years down the road, sort them out and see what flavor is your favorite!

6. Rubber Bands: They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures and look oh so fun when grouped together. Make them into a ball or just fill a container with them, either way you'll be ready for a rubber band fight at the drop of a hat!

Can you think of anything to add to our list? Leave your inexpensive collectible ideas in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Esther Gibbons licensed for use by Creative Commons

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