6 Foot Ugly Doll

6 Foot Ugly Doll

Alejandra Valera
Aug 22, 2008

Just when you think you've seen every possible Ugly Doll incarnation out there (Stationery! T-Shirts! Sculptures!) here's another one for you – it's the 6 foot Ugly Doll. So you'll either be rejoicing or recoiling…

This ginormous plush concoction is available in Jeero, Wedgehead, Bop n' Beep, Iceb Bat, Target, Wage, Ox, Cinko and Red Dog. And while those names may not mean much to you, ask your child -- they'll know who is who.

Sadly, the price is as big as the doll; you can own your own 6 footer for $595.00.

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