#8 - Becky and Chris's Nice to Come Home To

Name: Becky and Chris
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Size & Type: 450 sq. ft. one bedroom

Favorite resource: "Toronto is a great city for design finds. My spots are Queen West Antiques & Kensington Market for vintage / Plan B & Caban (now defunct) for new."

Pitch: "Moving from a 3 bedroom house in Florida to a 460 square foot apartment in Toronto wasn't always easy. But on a modest budget, we've managed to transform our rental into a cosy, fun, and animal friendly environment."

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Pitch Cont'd:"We've created spaces for living, a functioning art studio, and even had room left over for our 2 chihuahuas and 3 house rabbits. I think this space is a reflection of our personalities, lifestyle, and simply - it's just nice to come home to."

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Your favorite element: "The artwork is definitely my favourite element of the space. I'm beyond lucky that my boyfriend is an artist. Our walls have always acted as a rotating gallery."

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