7 Fresh Art Displaying Ideas From This Week's Top Tours

February 17 - 21, 2014

Are you always on the hunt for a fresh new way to display art in your home? We don't blame you. It can get a little tiring to see art hung in the same ways in the same places, home after home. We couldn't help but spot a few subtle yet different ways in which art was displayed in this week's top tours. Will one of the ways be an inspiration for you and your home?

We've seen art hung from IKEA's DIGNITET hardware before. We've seen records displayed on the wall as art. But combine those two ideas and you get the look we spotted in the LESS Co. Studio creative workspace tour.

On one wall in Peggy's Bohemian Beach Home art plays by the rules, hanging above the paneling. But on another, a large almost floor-to-ceiling canvas busts convention by hanging over the paneling, acting as subtle art surprise.

Don't do any major rearranging next time you want to spruce up a wall art collage in a room in your home; just do what we spotted in Megan's Mid-C + Modern Mix in Denver home and add a couple of extra small art pieces to your already-hanging mix.

Cute new art place spotted! That tiny strip of space between two closets on one wall acts as the perfect place to add four compact and colorful canvases in Sarah's Modern Global Loft.

Want to display tiny collectibles in a sophisticated way? Just place them in a small box hung on a wall to create an instant art shadow box! Spotted in Snog Productions' Magical Garden Workspace and Aidan's Dreamy Room in Germany.

Love the oval mat cut-outs spotted in these two leaning art pieces in The Cool School's Minimalist Workspace.

What's better than one wall art collage? A pair of two dueling wall art collages on the same wall! Though this pair's placement in Sarah & David's Modern and Sophisticated Brooklyn Home was no doubt inspired by the wall paneling, splitting up your wall art collage into two compositions would pack a punch in just about any space.

(Image credits: Kim Lucian; Elizabeth Giorgi; Marcia Prentice; Kathryn Bacalis; Thorsten Becker; Andrea Sparacio)